Get as much exercise and fresh air as possible during pregnancy. When the mother is in good physical condition, this will contribute to the healthy development of the baby. Usually, the mother will be able to remain physically active throughout most of the pregnancy. During pregnancy your ligaments will loosen and your centre of gravity will move forward, which may cause backache. Be sensitive to your body’s reactions and modify your exercise accordingly. It is advisable to avoid activities involving leaps, stretching and other sudden movements. It might be wise to avoid swimming in cold water, because of the risk of infections and contractions. Walking is an ideal daily activity during pregnancy. Light house-work is excellent exercise, but strenuous chores, such as washing rugs and moving furniture, increase contractions and increase the risk of miscarriage. Ask the pre-natal clinic for exercise instructions. The training programmes of pregnant athletes should always be prepared in close co-operation with a doctor.

Exercising ideas!