When the much-anticipated birth of your baby finally arrives, you may be filled with a mix of emotions and exhaustion. Meeting your baby for the first time is a beautiful and momentous event, and the hours that follow can help you to bond with your baby and recover from the childbirth experience.

After your baby is born, your medical team will help you bond with your newborn, while providing you with the support and assistance you need. Sometimes you may need the help of the well-baby holding nursery, where babies are given comfort and care when you need some time to rest and recoup.

Nurseries and couplet care

Being with your baby as much as possible, sometimes called couplet care, is important in the early days, weeks, and months as you get to know your baby’s needs. But, couplet care doesn’t have to be a 24/7 commitment if you’re physically depleted and need some help. After a long or exhausting birth, you may need a little time to get your strength back. In these cases, you may choose to have baby visit the well-baby holding nursery, where she will be given gentle loving care by our team of experienced caregivers. You can rest assured that your new bundle of joy is getting all of his needs met by our staff, helping you care for baby before it’s time to go home.

Breastfeeding and the nursery

If you are breastfeeding baby, you can still use the nursery without any interruptions. Our staff can work with you to coordinate your baby’s needs when breastfeeding, and care for him in the nursery in between his feeds. If you don’t want her to be fed a bottle, our staff will make note of this and will bring her back to your room when she’s hungry.

Choosing what’s best for you and baby

Being a mom involves making a lot of decisions every day. Only you can decide what’s best for you and your baby, and that includes any time he or she spends in the nursery. Some mothers decide to keep baby in their room during the entire hospital stay, while others may physically and emotionally need a break — even if just for a little while. Whatever you choose, our staff will support your decision and do everything possible to meet the needs of your new family.