Despite moments of exhaustion, caring for your baby feels wonderful. Taking care of a baby includes talking and showing affection.When you talk to your baby in a friendly tone, the baby feels safe and secure. Use your mother-tongue: it is the language you know best and is easiest.

Keeping Your Baby Clean

A baby digests food quickly.The baby may urinate a dozen times during the day and pass stools rather often, too.Therefore the nappy has to be changed many times a day. It is good to wash the babys bottom at least twice a day, and every time she/he has passed a stool.Wash the babys bottom with warm water.You do not need soap. Dry the bottom very carefully and lightly apply some lotion.

If babys nappy is changed often enough, she/he will not become particu- larly dirty during the day: a baby does not become messy while eating, and because she/he stays in the pram if outside. Do not bathe your baby every day, because it may dry the babys skin.Two or three times a week is enough – otherwise bathe the baby when necessary.

Dress the baby according to the weather


Irrespective of the season, many children have their evening naps outside in prams. Many babies sleep better outdoors in the fresh air than in the bed- room. Sleeping outdoors is not dangerous for a baby. One may gradually start going outdoors when the baby is two weeks old. If it is very cold or excessively warm, it is better to let the baby sleep inside.

If the baby takes her/his evening nap outside, make sure she/he is clothed according to the weather. It is not good for the baby to be either too hot or too cold.You can try the temperature of babys skin from hands or neck when the baby is clothed.When the temperature is below zero, a baby must have woollen clothes, but woollen clothes should not be placed next to her/ his skin. In summer, make sure that the sun is not shining directly into the pram, and protect the baby from insect bites. Protect the baby from rain and wind as well.


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